Have You Tried Ahi Poke? Chef mixes Hawaiian and Filipino Food

Written on 05/16/2018
By Sarap Team

Surrounded by family on Maui's spectacular shores, chef Sheldon Simeon prepares a soulful spread celebrating the Hawaiian and Filipino food of his youth, Coasting Living reports.

From his restaurant kitchens (Tin Roof in Ka-hului and the new Lineagein Wai-Lea, opening this summer), Simeon hopes to expose more people to his type of food.  A Filipino fish-and-vegetable soup called dinengdeng come out as a grilled salad with a gingery fish sauce vinaigrette.

Then there’s Simeon’s ahi poke: the freshest fish; ogo, a lacy, reddish-brown seaweed; and inamona, a popular sushi topper made from roasted and ground kukui nuts.