Bourdain's 'Best Pig, Ever' Comment May Have Sparked Global Interest in Philippine Cuisine

Written on 08/12/2018
Dennis Clemente

AUG 11--“Best pig, ever.”

It was the phrase -- and praise -- heard around the world.

It was uttered by no less than the late food adventurer, Anthony Bourdain in his show, “No Reservations,” as he got his first crackling bite of the roasted pig Cebu, Philippines is renowned for back in 2008. 

Those 3 words may have been the reason everyone is talking about Filipino food today when you consider the fact that Bourdain's TV show had over a 100 million TV reach.  (This writer also talked about Bourdain's first foray into Philippine cuisine back then but the paper revamped its site, erasing all of the published pieces from 2009  and before that.)

The recipient of Bourdain's phrase was Joel Binamira who prepared a Filipino feast for Bourdain and company during their visit.  

What reportedly got Bourdain to make that 20-hour long airplane ride though was the Filipino’s blog pieces at as he delved on Filipino food and history.  One entry proved to be a source of curiousity.  When explorer Ferdinand Magellan  discovered the Philippinesin 1521, he came with Antonio Pigafetta who wrote about the Portuguese explorer's adventures and his possible encounter with Cebu's roasted pig. 

Now imagine if that were really true. Who would say Magellan died in vain when he at least got a taste of Cebu’s famous lechon before the first Philippine hero Lapu Lapu made mincemeat of him, so to speak. 

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