LA's Ma'am Sir Featured in Food & Wine

LA's Ma'am Sir Featured in Food & Wine

Written on 06/16/2018
By Sarap Team

Last June 14, Food & Wine featured the latest restaurant of Charles Olalia of Rice Bar in downtown Los Angeles. Instead of keeping the same name, Olalia decided to call it, Ma’am Sir. Filipino establishments’ greeters have been known to address customers as “Welcome, Ma’am Sir” to patrons.

Ma’am Sir is in the neighborhood of Silverlake in Los Angeles.

Trust Food & Wine to make as drool from their description of Ma’am Sir’s Filipino food items as “fragrant plates of beef peanut curry with achiote and shrimp paste, spiked oxtail and tripe ragu (a dish Olalia dubs the most reflective of him as a chef), a shattery homemade lumpia stuffed with shrimp and lardo sausage and finished with a topping of briny Santa Barbra uni, and lemongrass adobo chicken wings with calamansi schmaltz. Like the rest of the menu, it’s all meant to be enjoyed“pica-pica, meaning at your own pace.”

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